Chris and Jacqueline 

Craig and Joshleyn Engagement

We had the pleasure of photographing this stunning couple recently. Most of what you see below was captured on Otter road, which bares it's name from Craig's family that lives there. We cannot wait for the upcoming wedding! 

Augustine turned three on Wednesday

It's been an amazing three years since the birth of our son Augustine. As Raul Duke said of his attorney in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas "There goes one of God's own prototypes....too weird to live too rare to die"

Food and beer pairing

We loving cooking just as much as we love taking pictures. So sometimes we combine them!

Baked brie with roasted almonds and drizzled honey. 

Paired with Almanac Farm to Barrel Bourbon Sour Porter.

Brie and Beer-2.jpg


Detroit's historic Cork Town, where the tigers once played, now hosts a wealth of dining experiences that could sooth the most epicures of heart. Where the sound of cheers used to roar now the scents of smoked ribs wafts down the street. Lining the roads paved by the most vibrant red bricks are new areas of delight from the freshly made bagels from Detroit Institute of Bagels (DIB) served with a cup of the most well crafted coffee from Anthology or the considerably superior burger assembled at Mercury Burger Bar, Detroit is not as it seems, but a thing to behold. 

Exploring Ann Arbor

When weekends arrive I like to spend the day with the family. If that means we just sit around the house then so be it, but this particular weekend we made a journey out to Ann Arbor to enjoy the somewhat warm day just strolling the streets.

Let it snow

The wrath of winter has finally arrived in Michigan. With that comes sledding, snowmen, and burst pipes.